Talk about downtown revitalization. Check out this recent article in the New York Times on the momentum downtown Cleveland is making along its E. Fourth Street corridor. The picture in this article says it all, as this area was a scary place to frequent several years ago. My brother, who rented a condo in the Historic Buckeye Building along this stretch, during its not-so-good years, predicted that this area would take off some day. Oh brother, were so right.

There are a couple of subtle insights in this article for downtown’s seeking to boost their fortunes.

One, play to your strengths. Cleveland certainly has by recognizing that fine dining and entertainment is what attracts people to their central core. Different cities have different niches–like spectator sports in Indianapolis and the music scene in Austin.

Second– location, location, location. Much of the foot traffic on Fourth St. is generated from nearby sports venues, businesses and residents. Capitalizing on these opportunities is essential to the vitality of a downtown.

Third, publicize your success. Someone was certainly wise in alerting the media about this quiet success story. And kudos to the photographer who shot the picture, for it effectively captures energy now resonating in the area. News flash: This NY Times article has now been widely populated throughout the Internet. Do you think this will generate interest in downtown Cleveland, from new businesses and investors. You bet. In the end, success begets success.